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A vastly entertaining drama about real-life attorney Willie Gary who tries to save a family funeral business from a corporate behemoth. In a move to bring resonance to a dry case, Willie digs up a complex web of race, power, and oppression that forces everyone to examine their prejudices.


Directed by Maggie Betts. 

Starring Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones, and Jurnee Smollett.

Based on a New Yorker article by Jonathan Harr. 

Screenplay by Pulitzer Prize-winner Doug Wright and Maggie Betts. 

Set up at Amazon Studios. 

Currently in Post-Production.


An Indian remake and satirical drama about an unlucky professional who is randomly struck with a life-altering accident…and decides to finally take “luck” into his own hands.


Directed by Manjari Makijany.

Partnered with Skatepark Films.

The Spanish version (LA CHISPA DE LA VIDA) premiered to critical acclaim.


An animated contemporary version of The Three Magi and a heartwarming Christmas perennial about a petty thief and her two obsessive sidekicks who traverse the Nevada desert on Christmas Eve to save a sick boy who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.


Based on a novel by P.J. Tracy. 

Partnered with RH Negative.

Set up at Lion Forge Animation Studios. 



Based on the true story of John "Big Dawg" Thompson, king of the Cleveland Browns' Dawg Pound, and his herculean efforts to prevent his beloved team from moving to Baltimore.


Based on the true story of Damon Weaver, a 10-year-old boy from an impoverished Florida town who relentlessly pursues an interview with then-President-elect Barack Obama. 




Episodic Series

Double Nickel is partnered with Sky Studios in a deal that enables Double Nickel to option IP for series. In some cases, Sky Studios will finance production as well.   



Based on the true story of Mina Benson Hubbard, the remarkable Cree guide George Elson, and their 1905 expedition across the unforgiving landscape of Labrador. A sweeping drama of perilous adventure, heated rivalry, and a burgeoning love affair between Mina and George.


Based on the book by James W. Davidson and John Rugge.

Created by Karen Corner who is also show-running.  

In partnership with Rezolution Pictures.

A Sky Studios project.



A zany neo-noir comedy about an Irish bouncer who finds himself entangled in all kinds of trouble at a seedy New Jersey strip club. 


Based on the novels by Artemis Fowl creator Eoin Colfer.

Created by David Iserson who is also show-running.  

A Sky Studios project.



A near-future tech thriller about a barely-twenty young woman trying to unpack the truth about her enigmatic mother and nefarious father in a world of deep fakes and sentient AIs.

Based on the Edgar Award-winning novel by Naomi Kritzer.
Created by Andrea Janakas.
In partnership with Zachary Quinto’s company Before the Door Pictures.
A Sky Studios project.



Based on the inspiring true story of Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first Black woman journalist at the Washington Post during the 1960s when D.C. was still a segregated city. Undaunted by blatant discrimination, Dorothy covered some of the day’s most pressing stories and blazed the trail for countless journalists of color.


Based on the memoir of Dorothy Butler Gilliam.

In partnership with Jesse Collins Entertainment.

A Sky Studios project.


A twisty legal thriller about a high-flying attorney whose one serious misstep has him on probation, disbarred, and managing a knockoff sandwich shop called SUBstitution.  When he refuses to take part in a scam, he loses what little he had left and must use every bit of his legal savvy to counter the people trying to destroy him.


Based on a novel by Martin Clark.

A Sky Studios project.


A coming-of-age-saga inspired by the true story of the 18 bright young Black men, far more than in any previous year, who entered Harvard in 1959. At the close of the decade, they were still called "Negroes," but it was a time of freedom rides and sit-ins, of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. By the time they graduated four years later, they had become "Afro-Americans," changing Harvard forever.


Based on the memoir of Kent Garrett and Jeanne Ellsworth.

A Sky Studios project.



A fictional tale about a young Albert Einstein who is overwhelmed with extraordinary dreams as he develops his theory of relativity in 1905. 


Based on Alan Lightman’s classic novel. 

Executive Producing with John Curran.


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